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PostSubject: !!!SITE RULES!!!!!SITE RULES!!!   Mon May 05, 2008 9:00 am

Rules for OblivionsGrace :

  • No download links, no links to torrents or rapidshare, megaupload or what so ever.

    No-posters will be deleted after 6 months of no posts.

    Arguements will be resolved in an adult way, no childish behaviour.

    If you disagree with a moderator or an admin, PM him/her and resolve it together.

    Posts containing you calling people names in your own language will be deleted.

    English is the main language on this site, if you want to start a topic with your own language, do so and involve the language in front of the topic title, example: ''[Dutch]Als je moeite heb met scheiten''.

    Scammers or frauds will be deleted instantly and IP-Adress will be reported to the authorities.

    Using someone's own made art-piece or avatar without permission of the maker will be treated as violation of copyrights.

    Linking to other sites for promoting reasons only after approval of this site's admin AND moderator!

Misuse of these rules will result to a warning, 3 warnings will be a ban and/or deletion of the users account. We hope our members will keep to these rules.

MajinMartin -admin-
Raine -moderator-


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