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 Day of the Dead (Remake) 2008

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PostSubject: Day of the Dead (Remake) 2008   Sun Apr 27, 2008 4:23 am

D-Day is Comming

In a small towncommunity in Colorado, America, the US army is blocking all routes out of the little town due to an ''excersize''. In this little town, people are getting more and more sick, thinking its some kind of flue. In this army there is a girl, Sarah, who's from this little town. She and one of her subbordinates go check on her mom's house, where her mom has also been sick. They decide to take her to the hospital when she hears about a friend of her brother being sick. She decides to go there first because it seems like he's a bit sicker then her mom. Once she and her army-friend Bud arrive, they find 2 dead bodies, mauled and half eaten. Since the phones are off due to the quarantine she and Bud decide to go and use the Intercomsystem of her army truck.

After this she brings her mom, together with Bud, her brother and his girlfriend to the hospital where a lot of sick people are. They all start to mutate into zombies at the same time and the entire town begints to become a big bad ass massacre.

This movie is a remake of Gearge A. Romero's Day of the Dead, wich is the third part in his Dead Quadralogy (Altough Diary of the Dead has been released by this point and Diary of the Dead 2 is announced, making it more like a sixology by now). In this movie, just like the remake of Dawn of the Dead, its predacessor, the zombies are capable of running and leaping trough the sky several feet, making the zombies a bit more terrified then the average stumble and moaning lot.

Als the movie is prety bloody and grotesk for the viewers with a weaker stommache and add a little bit of commedy and a vegetarian zombie and you'll have this movie.

8 out of 10 stars for giving a new spin to an old classic.

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Day of the Dead (Remake) 2008
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