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PostSubject: About us   Wed Jan 30, 2008 10:11 am

In the beginning, there was nothing! A vast space of nothingness.
Then God acidentilly made us humans, and some of these humans made.....


Oblivions Grace started about 2 years ago in World of Warcraft.

It was originally intended to be a guild for just a select few members, just having fun playing. After I quit WoW, both Raine and Haramis went to other clans and it grew silent around O.G.

Then the Tribe O.G. was created on Tribalars.net, world 10. Here we now have 4 members and again we are a small guild just having fun.

Same goes for AVP2... We're not in there to be the best, we're in there to have a good time (altough we sometimes swear so much you'd think we dont enjoy it Razz )

We hope to get lots of members who are fun to talk to and who have the same motivations as us in playing a game. We dnt like people calling others n00bs, even if they are... whats the problem?

Also our forum has an Randomness or SPAM selection where some non-playing members can still participate in the chats here.

That being said, for any questions mail me at majinmartin@hotmail.com or ask me or Raine here on OblivionsGrace.

Take care you all!

--¥¥¤ MajinMartin ¤¥¥--


''Draws his signature on the screen* like this?? o.O
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About us
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