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 The Blind Dead (1971)

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PostSubject: The Blind Dead (1971)   Mon Jan 28, 2008 1:55 pm

Also known as : the tomb of the blind dead.

Okay first of all, its a 70's movie. So dont expect star wars or LotR kind of specials.

With that in mind.... the movie is actually pretty good. It has a good background story about templers doing rituals to worship the devil, ultimately getting hanged by the churce while crows eat out their eyes (thus blind dead). Altough these stiffs cant see they sure as hell can hear and thats how they move in for the kill.

This movie entertained me pretty good and i remember seeing one of these films (this is the first in a trillogy) as a little boy and i tought it was creepy back then. (can you blame a 6 year old?) Anyway, its not your standart half eaten zombies in this movie but as the picture show's real skelleton-thingies. I called one Henk because he looked like a dead Henk. But thats beside the point.

Like I said.... pretty funny to watch at this year but i can immagine people finding it scarry back in the 70's... lol!

By MajinMartin at 2008-01-28
(from left to right : Gúan and Henk)


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The Blind Dead (1971)
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